Gas Safety Week is Here!!

14 September 2020

Gas Safety Week 2020 - join us in offering support to raise gas safety awareness

To mark the 10th anniversary of Gas Safety week, Morgan Lambert along with other companies from across the UK gas industry will be posting articles on social media to promote this important annual event.


According to official figures, Carbon Monoxide poisoning still affects more than 1,000 people per year, and the more that can be done to publicise this fact means that more people lives may be saved just by providing the relevant information to help prevent incidents occurring.


In 2019, Morgan Lambert carried out in excess of 60,000 post service domestic gas audits in social Housing properties and we would like to share with you some of our findings.


From 60,000 audits carried out we identified more than 5,000 faults that required a revisit.  Of these, over 1,700 At Risk situations were identified, along with over 200 Immediately Dangerous situations and 1,700+ invalid Landlord Gas Safety Certificates.


Considering we are asked by our clients to audit on average 10% of servicing carried out, this would indicate that there is still much to be done to promote gas safety standards throughout the industry.

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